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May 2013

When Teresa talks about her job at the 7-Eleven store in Hyattsville, her face lights up and her voice grows confident. And who can blame her? After all, she makes it possible for dozens of local residents to enjoy their first, glorious cup of coffee on the way to work in the morning.

Having battled anxiety and depression for years, Teresa has had a difficult time holding down other jobs in the past. But she found her niche at the 7-Eleven, where she works five mornings a week keeping the coffee urns filled; the coffee bar well-stocked; and the serving area immaculate. In return for her effort, Teresa receives plenty of kudos from co-workers and customers alike, who are quick to applaud her cooperative spirit, friendly nature, and keen sense of responsibility.

“I like everything about my job and I do the best I can,” she says with a smile. “Most of the people who come into the store know my name, which makes me feel really good.”

To help her stay on track, Teresa’s employment coach created a simple picture chart, outlining each step of the work process, which is posted for her to see whenever she needs a little reminder. A predictable schedule and clear expectations have also been essential to her success on the job, according to Iris Tiktinsky, Senior Program Coordinator at Ardmore.

“Teresa has never been in a better place than she is now. Her boss really likes her and some customers have said that they drive past other 7-Eleven’s because the coffee area is always so clean and inviting in that store. She also loves earning money and is very careful how she spends it. This job has given Teresa a real sense of accomplishment, which is something we all need to keep us healthy and motivated.”

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