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In-home Supports

Community Supported Living Arrangements (CSLA) & Family and Individual Support Services (FISS)

Ardmore provides individual support services that enable people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities to live on their own, with family or with housemates.

Currently, we support people who reside in both Prince George’s and Montgomery counties through Community Supported Living Arrangements (CSLA) and Family and Individual Support Services (FISS). Both CSLA and FISS are funded through the Developmental Disability Administration (DDA), where each person's funding is determined by DDA based on needs and the availability of funds.

Community Supported Living Arrangements (CSLA)

Our Community Supported Living Arrangements (CSLA) strategy includes the selection of the (staff) support counselor by the person seeking support from Ardmore. Then, individual service plans are crafted to provide flexible, creative and safe solutions that meet each person’s needs and desires. We focus on enabling people to participate in shared recreational, social, educational, and/or spiritual activities as well as providing supervision, training, and support designed to reach a single end result: enhancing quality of life.

Staff is available to provide a variety of services that may include:

  • money management, budgeting, banking, and tax preparation;
  • health services, including support with medical needs and follow up with medical appointments;
  • household management, including housekeeping, menu planning, and grocery shopping;
  • development of social and other practical skills or relationship facilitation with neighbors, friends, and family;
  • assistance with grooming, hygiene, and other required personal care tasks; and
  • help with discovering and accessing various activities or community resources.

Family and Individual Support Services (FISS)

Ardmore also provides long- and short-term supports to people living with family, friends, or on their own through Family and Individual Support Services (FISS). Individuals receiving FISS funding must have their needs assessed and be determined eligible by the State of Maryland.

To apply for FISS funding, please go to Maryland’s DDA Application page.

If you currently receive FISS funds and would like to apply for services at Ardmore, please contact our Director of Residential Supports by email or by phone at 301‐306‐2563.

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