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Residential Supports

We take our responsibility of securing each person’s health, safety, and welfare seriously. Our focus is always to provide a consistently high level of supports to the people who have chosen Ardmore as their residential services provider. We promote independence and bolster self-esteem by connecting each person we support to their communities where they can explore individual interests, spend time with family and friends, develop new networks and relationships, and have new and meaningful experiences.

Homes in the Community

Ardmore currently owns and manages 13 single-family homes in beautiful suburban communities throughout Prince George's County (Maryland). The three to six people who live in each home receive tailored supports empowering them to experience the most complete life possible. Each home is staffed 24/7, has “awake” overnight counselors, and has its own onsite transportation—either a minivan or wheelchair van.

The people supported by Ardmore come first in all endeavors; therefore, the relationships and interactions between staff and the people who live in the homes we manage are paramount. Staff is motivated to help each person we support progressively reach his or her highest level of independence and personal success. For example, people receiving supports are encouraged to do their own shopping, join local social organizations, participate in community activities, volunteer for local causes, and do anything else they dream.

Truly Accessible Living

Finding a suitable home for someone who has intellectual and cognitive challenges, as well as physical challenges is not an easy task. Even within the developmental disabilities community, houses deemed accessible are not always well designed or constructed and many do not truly work for individuals who use wheelchairs or have other issues with climbing stairs, opening doors or getting into a bathtub.

One of Ardmore’s priorities is to increase the availability of accessible housing—barrier-free living—for the individuals we support who have physical challenges and to expand our scope of expertise on the subject. Since 2011, as money has become available through grants or waiver allocations, we have upheld our commitment to the people we support and to barrier-free living by installing ramps, renovating bathrooms, reconfiguring front stoops, lowering light switches, and converting entrance doors to open by pushing a switch.

We are committed to finding the money for and installing truly accessible bathrooms in the homes we own as the needs arise. We are also exploring all solutions, whether high-tech or basic, for individuals who have difficulty opening doors, using a kitchen sink or reaching a light switch.

You can support efforts to champion barrier-free living for people with disabilities by donating to Ardmore’s Accessibility Project Fund.

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