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Transitioning Youth

Transitions can be difficult, especially for young people who are graduating from or aging out of high school. There are many unknowns beyond high school and it can be confusing to determine what comes next when planning for future employment, education and independent living.

Ardmore takes a person-centered approach to help both the student and their parents sort through the wide variety of options available for those who are eligible for Maryland’s Transitioning Youth Initiative through DORS, DDA or both. Our goal is to assist with a seamless transition from school to the next phase of life; therefore, we recommend this process begins at age 15-16. We like to meet students where our services take place: in the communities where they live and attend school. Initial information meetings can be arranged at local libraries, coffee shops, or even at a person's home. 

As we move forward with our efforts of community integration, we ask that all incoming transitioning youth:

  • are willing to use public and other modes of transportation, and 
  • are willing to utilize a service that does not operate inside a building or center  

For more information on what Ardmore can do for you post-graduation, fill out this form and someone from our outreach team will follow up with you! 

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