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2017 Annual Report

View Ardmore's 2017 Annual Report Here

2017 was filled with important moments. Perhaps, none more so than the moment Ardmore decided to commit to Person-Centered Thinking – the belief that each person, regardless of disability, has the ability to have control over their life. It seems strange to make that commitment as it is something we all expect for our own lives. And yet, adults with developmental disabilities, have historically been denied the option to live where and with whom they want, to choose their job, leisure activity, or education.

Ardmore is committed to changing that.  From the top down and the bottom up, we are raising our expectations and are excited to see that play out in the lives of people we support. We hope you will join us on the journey.

The reality is that the majority of our funding, 88%, comes from the State of Maryland.  They fund a place for someone to live, but leave us to figure out how to buy a couch for their living room. We get funding to help with resume building and interview skills, but not to buy clothes to wear to the interview.  We need help with the things that make a life:  a television for a bedroom, a turntable to launch a DJ business, art supplies for person who loves to draw.

Your donation does more than just buy movie tickets and pictures for walls, it builds communities through connections, it shapes perceptions through exposure, and it boosts confidence through opportunities.  On behalf of everyone at Ardmore, thank you for recognizing the potential each dollar has to transform lives.  Thank you for giving the things that help to make a life. 

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