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Use Your Voice - Fight for $15

Update on Fight for Fifteen

Thank you to everyone who wrote letters, made phone call, sent emails, and rallied with us over the last several weeks as we advocated for critical funding needed to sustain an increase in the state minimum wage.  Ardmore, as well as other like agencies across the state supported the Fight for Fifteen with mandated funding increases for I/DD agencies. 

Ultimately, the bills (HB166/SB280s) passed through the House and Senate after a vote in both chambers to accept the Conference Committee report resulting in a flat 4% increase to DD services each year from FY21 to FY26 as the minimum wage increases from $10.10 to $15 an hour. These funding levels are not what we truly need to maintain ground as the Maryland’s minimum wage rises; however, they are better than what we are were facing at various points during this fight.

We believe YOU are directly to thank for this! Self-advocates, parents, friends, Direct Support Professionals, and providers across the state joined together to tell share the impact of funding decisions. Your voice, your stories made the difference.

Thank you again, to those answered the calls for action as this bill made its way through the General Assembly. Your presence was undoubtedly felt in Annapolis.

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