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Leadership Team

Ardmore’s mission is to effectively support people in making informed decisions and carrying them out.  To successfully accomplish this we promise to carefully listen to each person and get to know them so we may actively support their choices.  We work in partnership with our community and make the best use of resources so people live surrounded and supported by meaningful relationships, have control over their lives and contribute their talents and gifts to the community.  
–Doug McQuade

Chief Executive Officer

Douglas McQuade

Director of Finance

Alman Brown

Director of Human Resources

Bianca Colbert

Director of Development and Communications

Heather Deacon

Director of Community Living Services

Michele Dawson

Director of Outreach and Person Centered Thinking

Pam Brown

Director of Quality Assurance, Training, and Development

Tasha Dickerson-Johnson

Director of Employment and Community Day Supports

Veronica Vasquez

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Ardmore Enterprises 3000 Lottsford Vista Road Bowie, MD 20721-4001 tel: 301-306-2575,
fax: 301-259-3634